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ANZ – Fast Pay Next Generation

Final TVC

ANZ Fast Pay - Cat Dog Lady 30"

Invoicing. YUCK. Dealing with invoices (particularly following up late ones) holds about as much appeal as licking a pedicure chair’s foot prop. But making a witty animation about people’s terrible ‘invoice excuses’? Well that’s a riot!

We worked with Whybin\TBWA Melbourne to develop their entertaining scripts into two snappy animations showing off ANZ’s FastPay Next Generation service. FastPay helps you deal with people who haven’t quite grown out of the “my dog at my homework” phase, with the spots highlighting two of the worst excuses ever known to man.

The backbone of these clever clips is the engaging and organic illustrations, created by our artist Rilla Alexander. The animation team then took each of these individually illustrated story elements and 2D-animated them in record time to produce the comical 30-second clips you see in front of you. Cha-ching!

ANZ Fast Pay - The Convertible 30"


Behind The Scenes


Still from Cat Dog Lady

Stills from Cat Dog Lady

Object line up from The Convertible

Still from The Convertible

Still from The Convertible

Stills from Cat Dog Lady

Project Credits

Creative Director

Domenico Bartolo



Stephen Elliget

Chris More


Sarah Laurens


Fushia O’Hara


Rilla Alexander


Stephen Elliget