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Cadbury – Marvellous Creations

Final Animation

Cadbury 'Marvellous Creations' - Part 1

Keeping secrets is no good. It didn’t work for Elsa in Frozen and it doesn’t work for us.

So here’s a GIANT secret we’ve been keeping recently, one that we’re now bursting at the seams to share with you: We worked with our friends over at Sapient Nitro to develop a ground-breaking new campaign for Cadbury Marvellous Creations! We ate roughly eight trillion blocks of chocolate in the process, but it’s out and we’re proud.

Our Director worked tirelessly alongside Sapient Nitro’s creative team to develop and inspire the script, forming the basis for the forever-amazing Mel Matthews to skilfully craft the concept illustrations. What’s bigger than the pile of chocolate wrappers shoved in the corner of our office? Modelling and animating the entire story in 3D! A collaborative process of mammoth proportions, this project has left us on a real sugar high. And that’s just part one! Scroll on…

Cadbury 'Marvellous Creations' - Part 2

The coolest part of this campaign? We crowd-sourced the colouring! Cadbury fans across the globe were part of the art, with each and every frame coloured in using SapientNitro’s custom-built tool on the campaign site. Taking the best of the submissions and transforming them into a short film, we took the animation process to new, chocolate-stained heights.

Behind The Scenes


Artist Sketches

Character Development Process

Artist Sketches

Choosing Characters

Artist Sketch of City

CItyscape in 3D

Flutter Animation Team

Hero Character Turnaround Walkcycle

Secondary Female Character Turnarounds

Astronaut Character Modelling Turnaround

Park Scene

Street Scene

Animated Linework

Cityscape 3D Scene Construction

Graded Render Still Frame

Animation Still

Flutter Animation Team

Director Coloured Frame

Crowd Sourced Coloured Frame

Crowd Sourced Coloured Frame

Crowd Sourced Coloured Frame

Crowd Sourced Coloured Frame

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo

Animation Producer

Fushia O’Hara



Samantha Raphael

Concept Artist

Melanie Matthews


3d Modelling & Animation

Stephen Elliget

Ash Millott

Nathan Mitchell

Ben Bryan

Steven Cheah

Jarod Pak

Brian Doecke

Pat Da Cunha

Heath Pagram

Music Composition, Lyrics & Sound Design

Rafael May

2d Animation & Compositing

Stephen Elliget

Ash Millott

Chris More