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Chet Faker – 1998

Final Animation


What were you doing in 1998? Ending a relationship, losing a friend, riding a skateboard? Melbourne musician Chet Faker seems to have been doing all three and his debut full-length album, Built on Glass, explores the fractious aftermath of a failed relationship. The video, directed by Flutter, follows this theme, taking fractured images and fitting them together like a jigsaw puzzle through a series of metamorphoses. Grace Lee from The Jacky Winter Group developed the illustrative style and worked with Dom to create this mesmeric, enigmatic clip. It references 80s club culture, Keith Haring and the gloopy blobs that rise from lava lamps. Need we say more?

Behind the scenes

Shape Studies

More Shapes!

Early Director Sketches

Abstract Line Study

Chet Faker Front Study

Walking From Below Animation Study

Walking From Above Animation Study

Tribal Head Studies

Early Keyframe Study

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo



Li Liang Johnson


Grace Lee


Stephen Elliget

Glenn Hatton

Domenico Bartolo

Neil Sanders