Lip-smacking shakes

Devondale – Milkshakes

Final Animations

Strawberries and Cream Milkshake TVC

You may think that milk moustaches are a thing of the past, but you’d be wrong.

Devondale shook up the flavoured milk game with the introduction of their new Devondale Milkshakes and needed animations that would be just as full of flavour. Flutter partnered with Hardhat to develop two deliciously animated films to promote the Double Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream flavours.

Luke Lucas devised the illustrated assets including luscious lips and chocolate chunks, which Flutter animated to create the two 15″ TVCs. Each film was lovingly cell animated, with the centre piece of both featuring magnificent milky-smooth typography developed by Luke.

Double Chocolate Milkshake TVC

Double Chocolate Milkshake TVC

Behind the scenes

Strawberries & Cream splash

Strawberries & cream lips

Strawberries & cream timings

Still from final animation

Still from final animation

Still from final animation

Still from final animation

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo


Sarah Laurens

Su Mei Chia


Luke Lucas

3D Animation:

Ash Millott


2D Animation:

Aaron McDonald

Marta Tesoro