Every animation trick in the book

Flutter Launch Promo

Flutter. Make it Move.

About the project

To launch the Flutter agency, this 30 second spot was created to showcase a range of Jacky Winter artist’s work in the context of animation. We also want to communicate the idea that Flutter is a place that people go to have illustration ‘brought to life’ through a transformation into animation.

Each scene has featured the art of one JW artist which has been artfully animated as a billboard – delivering a unique typographic message. In total, the scenes will read as one cohesive statement or proposition.

To view the individual Jacky Winter folios who helped bring the piece to life, as well as some behind the scenes info, check out the credits and assets below.

Behind the scenes

Writing the Brief

Animation Notes


Scene 1 - Live Action Filming

Scene 1 - Drawing Detail

Scene 1 - The Finished Piece

Scene 2 - Original Sketch

Scene 2 - Max Rendering

Scene 2 - Perspective Test

Scene 3- Zombie Sketches

Scene 3 - Scripting

Scene 4- Pencil Car Sketch

Scene 4 - Car Turnaround

Scene 4 - 3D Car Render

Scene 4 - Car Turnaround

Scene 5 - Pencil Roughs

Scene 5 - Layered Illustration

Scene 6 - Pencil Turnarounds

Scene 6 - Watercolour Concept Frame

Scene 6 - Animated Turnaround

Scene 6 - Animated Turnaround with Wireframe

Scene 6 - TV Render

Scene 6 - Set Render

Scene 6 - Endtitle with Rigs

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits

Design, Direction & Production


Original Score

Adventures in Music

Scene 1

Illustration and live painting by tin&ed

Scene 2

Illustration by Ben Sanders

Scene 3

Illustration by Travis Price

Scene 4

Illustration and 3D by Toby & Pete

Scene 5

Illustration by Karl Kwasny

Scene 6

3D from Andrea Innocent sketches