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Flutterscopes – Aquarius

New Years checklist - cute new diary, gym membership, clean sock draw, consulting the stars to clarify your future path... while we can’t rival Marie Kondo for your cleanspiration, we can help you make some sense of what you see in the stars. Introducing Flutterscopes! A brand new self initiated project we conjured up to help demystify the signs of the Zodiac. Enlisting 12 Jacky Winter artists to interpret each sign, we’re working our magic to bring these illustrations to life! Keep your mind’s eye peeled for your horoscope, as we’ll be releasing one of these clairvoyant clips for each of the twelve zodiacs.


As written in the great scripture (AKA the number one hit song by The 5th Dimension from the Hair The Musical soundtrack), this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, and it’s time to let the sunshine in. What does this tell us? Perhaps the dark days are over and a new era of brightness is upon us. Or perhaps we’re all about to die in a fiery apocalypse. Truth is, no one knows. And that’s exactly how Aquarians want it. Aquarians are enigmas with a capital E. And a capital G — just to fuck with you.

Aquarians are just hard to ‘get’. It’s like that feeling when you try to reconcile Titanic Leo DiCaprio with Wolf of Wall Street Leo DiCaprio. Is any of it real? Why am I attracted to both of them? What makes Aquarians difficult, especially for those who write horoscopes, is that unlike Geminis (who ALL talk too much) or Virgos (textbook perfectionists), Aquarians and their freak flags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents, and flavours. And weird ones at that. That Cadbury Dairy Milk with CCs in it? Clearly the doing of an Aquarius.

Effortlessly charming and fabulous conversationalists, Aquarians are caterpillars with closets full of fake wings. They put on a great act as social butterflies, but harbour a deep-seated longing to crawl back into their cocoons, where they can think quietly, away from the emotional breakdowns of any nearby Pisceans. For all their friendly banter, Aquarians are fiercely independent and it can be hard to crack into their inner circle. Like a Libra telling you all the details of their dream last night, it takes time. But once an Aquarian finally opens up, you’re in for life.

For those astute enough to recognise their brilliance, Aquarians make marvellous leaders. In fact, our dear Aquarians are intellectuals, well known for their deep and forward thinking. So much so that they are often misunderstood by their peers, for their thoughts and ideas are too futuristic and progressive for us common peasants. It’s why we often mistake these rebellious visionaries for run-of-the-mill eccentrics. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly are eccentric, but they’re also great idealists with never-ending ideas on new and better ways to do things. We can thank Aquarius season for many a treasured genius. Charles Darwin — science genius. Ellen DeGeneres — comedy genius. Harry Styles — hot genius. See? It checks out. And unlike others (ahem, Leos and Ariens), Aquarians are not pushy. ‘Live and let live’ is the Aquarius motto. They relish in their own unconventional ways, and are accepting of the ways of others. Basically, they were woke before it was cool.

So what have we learnt today, kids? There’s no doubt that having an Aquarian in your life is a very good thing. But try as you might, there will always be something undeniably unkowable about them; like a mouthful of soup when you can’t quite tell what the special ingredient is. Is it cinnamon or LSD? Tasty, but unnerving.


Project Credits


Chris More


Creative Director:

Dom Bartolo


Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia


Carla McRae

Copywriter and Voiceover:

Lara Chan-Baker



Rafael May

3D Animation:

Samuel Van Ingen


2D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs

Stephen Elliget

Brian Neong San

Samuel Van Ingen

Chris More