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Flutterscopes – Aries

New Years checklist - cute new diary, gym membership, clean sock draw, consulting the stars to clarify your future path... while we can’t rival Marie Kondo for your cleanspiration, we can help you make some sense of what you see in the stars. Introducing Flutterscopes! A brand new self initiated project we conjured up to help demystify the signs of the Zodiac. Enlisting 12 Jacky Winter artists to interpret each sign, we’re working our magic to bring these illustrations to life! Keep your mind’s eye peeled for your horoscope, as we’ll be releasing one of these clairvoyant clips for each of the twelve zodiacs.


I once got an Aries to buy me a McMuffin by timing how long it took them to get to Maccas and back. And folks, therein lies the essence of all Aries people: competition. Being the first sign of the zodiac has given them a notorious hunger to be first at everything. Even things that don’t matter – like getting to Maccas and back in under 13 minutes. Losing life-long friends over a game of Uno may seem ridiculous to most of us, but who needs friends when you’ve got a cabinet full of first-place trophies and the comforting knowledge that you are, indeed, the best? 

The upside to this ruthless addiction is that they’re the reigning kings and queens of ingenuity, setting trends wherever they go. You get a trend! And YOU get a trend! Aries are trailblazers. And whilst they often leave a literal trail of fiery blaze as they barrel through life, they’re also by far the most intrepid and spontaneous of the signs. An Aries is always exploring what’s new, actively making their lives what they want them to be, and their magnetic lust for action brings much-needed thrill for the rest of us. Being with an Aries is like drinking tequila. Sipped responsibly, they’ll give you the Dutch courage you need to ask out the bartender or buy a one-way flight to Cuba. But set it alight, and all that boisterous energy becomes volatile. Like a margarita turned molotov cocktail. It might destroy you, but you’ll have the time of your life in the process. 

Where a Gemini’s party trick is talking without breathing and a Virgo’s is taking years to make a simple decision, Aries are really skilled at finding something to be offended by. Where most people could only dream of being so offended by something so minor, Aries excels. When provoked their rage is sharp and enormous, and you will absolutely know about it. Aries are extremely outspoken and their opinions will always be voiced, wanted or not. On the plus side, their short temper is short-lived and they’re quick to move on from their anger. “Bored easily” is an understatement, and they seek out new experiences as a way to run as far as possible from routine. Impatience is the root of their problems, but it’s also what makes them so ridiculously exciting and fun to be around. If you’re dating an Aries, take them white water rafting. Or maybe just light stuff on fire. Anything that will delay them from realising how dull you really are. But don’t think for a second that they need you with them on any of their adventures. Aries have less than zero patience, so if you can’t keep up they sure as hell won’t wait around for you.

They’re not all temper and arson though. When channeled correctly, they can use that powerful voice to fight for the little guy, lending their hefty resilience and bravery to those who truly need it. It’s then that we thank our lucky stars that we have our Aries friends. Just get out of their way and Aries will lead you to victory. 


Project Credits

Directed by: 

Flutter Films


Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia


Steve Scott


Copywriter and Voiceover:

Lara Chan-Baker



Rafael May

3D Animation:

Flutter Films


2D Animation:

Flutter Films