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Flutterscopes – Capricorn

New Years checklist - cute new diary, gym membership, clean sock draw, consulting the stars to clarify your future path... while we can’t rival Marie Kondo for your cleanspiration, we can help you make some sense of what you see in the stars. Introducing Flutterscopes! A brand new self initiated project we conjured up to help demystify the signs of the Zodiac. Enlisting 12 Jacky Winter artists to interpret each sign, we’re working our magic to bring these illustrations to life! Keep your mind’s eye peeled for your horoscope, as we’ll be releasing one of these clairvoyant clips for each of the twelve zodiacs.


Nicolas Cage is a Capricorn. Nicolas Cage has been in 96 movies. Nicolas Cage is an industrious, ambitious, self-confident man with big goals and the patience and endurance to make them happen. Nicolas Cage is also unequivocally, indisputably…well, a little off.  

Stare long enough at a Capricorn and you may begin to wonder if beneath their laser focus and practical values there beats the heart of an Intel Core 9th Generation Processor™. As anyone who has had a romantic entanglement with one (or a ‘mutually beneficial exchange of amicable behaviours’ as a Capricorn might put it) can tell you, what Capricorns lack in emotional availability and spontaneity they more than make up for in their unshakeable determination and loyalty. You can count on a Capricorn. And you better believe they’ll be counting on you. Counting every minute you’ve kept them waiting in the car while you do some inexplicably Leo thing like change your outfit AGAIN. And of course, there was the Great Capricorn Discovery of 1642 — when a dedicated group of Capricorns figured out how to be both so distant and so clingy at the same time.

The truth is that beneath their shiny veneers, Capricorns share a well-kept secret. Sure they may seem normal, predictable even, but under their layers of rationality and consistency lies something so deep, so hidden, even Capricorns themselves aren’t aware. Ask a Leo why they did something unusual and they’ll tell you it was for the limelight. Ask a Sagittarius and they’ll say “because it was funny”. Ask a Capricorn the same thing and cop a stare so blank you’ll question if they actually heard you. And if you look back into their eyes hard enough, you’ll see the small flashing alert of “DOES NOT COMPUTE”. You can’t tell a Capricorn that they’ve done something that exceeds the limits of what is considered reasonable. Why? Because they are the all-knowing, all-seeing gatekeepers of what is reasonable.

Convincingly designed humanoid machine or not, Capricorns are enviably intuitive and give tremendous advice — usually accompanied by a meticulous set of actionable steps. These goats are extremely switched on and when the apocalypse hits, it’s a Capricorn you’ll want by your side. They’ll be the ones with fully stocked bunkers, tastefully decorated with Swedish minimalist furnishings.

Muhammad Ali. Kim Jong Un. Blue Ivy Carter. All independent, hard-working authority figures with standards so high LeBron James couldn’t jump them (yep, another Capricorn). These concentrated planners, with their heavy sense of responsibility and even heavier wallets (it’s a fact — Capricorns make it rain), cop flack for their conservativeness and attentiveness to rules, but the fact is that they simply know what they want and have the cojones to go and get it. It’s the way they were programmed.


Project Credits


Flutter Films


Creative Director:

Flutter Films


Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia


Lilian Darmono

Copywriter and Voiceover:

Lara Chan-Baker



Rafael May

3D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs

Samuel Van Ingen


2D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs

Stephen Elliget

Brian Neong San

Samuel Van Ingen

Chris More