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Flutterscopes – Pisces

New Years checklist - cute new diary, gym membership, clean sock draw, consulting the stars to clarify your future path... while we can’t rival Marie Kondo for your cleanspiration, we can help you make some sense of what you see in the stars. Introducing Flutterscopes! A brand new self initiated project we conjured up to help demystify the signs of the Zodiac. Enlisting 12 Jacky Winter artists to interpret each sign, we’re working our magic to bring these illustrations to life over the next twelve months of 2019. Keep your mind’s eye peeled for your sign, as we’ll be releasing one of these clairvoyant clips every month to coincide with the arrival of each new star sign.


Hiba was my childhood cocker spaniel. Attentive and sweet, with tender eyes forever on the lookout for more ways to love you. She was always the first to know if you were getting sick or a storm was brewing, and she doubled as the perfect PMS heat pack. And sure, all dogs have some innate sensitivity to their owner’s feelings, but Shiba, darling Shiba, she understood a terrible day at work better than any Fido or Rex I’ve ever known. Why? Because she was born in early March. And that made her a Pisces.

And you know what else she did? She cried. And she cried, and she cried, and she cried. Left at home? Sobbing. Finished her food? Weeping. Saw a bird? Wailing. We should have called her Billie Holliday, because boy did she love to sing the blues. And here’s my point — those born under the Pisces banner have an otherworldly capacity for emotion. They feel everything — happy, sad, and in between — more intensely than any other sign on the zodiac. Empathy courses through their veins and allows them to pick up on subtle vibes that your average Taurus would surely miss. True story — I once watched a Pisces cry at the opening titles of Sesame Street. And whilst some might see this as weakness, the truth is they are just so attuned to the brave existential struggle it takes to be a big yellow bird in this world. Pisceans are dreamy and spiritual, connected to the universe in a way other signs aren’t. Where you might see a leaf and think “Cool. A leaf.”, your Pisces pal sees this leaf, envisions a forest, ponders it as a metaphor for community and isolation, and after several days of obsessive thought, becomes saddened by it.

More than anything our fish friends are true givers and they have a knack for making others feel comfortable. Every office, friendship group, or non-competitive after-work social sports team has someone who falls naturally into the ‘mum’ role. It’s here you’ll often find Pisceans, in the company of a variety of personalities, making sure the chilly Leo has a blankie and the hungry Aquarius has a snack. And they use these special Spidey senses for good, anticipating emotional distress in others and soothing it with their selfless compassion, generosity, and just a teeny dash of martyrdom. Their heightened consciousness also makes them particularly apt creatives, with the Pisces club home to many a gifted artist, musician, and poet. But all this sensitivity has a dark side. Pisceans absorb energy like a ShamWow and when not put to good use it can lead to inner turmoil of the greatest proportions. Like chimpanzees, Pisces love to nitpick — and swing through the jungle using their tails, but that’s another story. If a Pisces isn’t flat-out blaming themselves for something that went wrong, they’re probably worrying over how they didn’t do enough to help. But don’t worry — give them a few minutes and they’ll be back to laughing over some meme that may or may not also make them cry later.

Sadly, many Pisceans suffer from crushing shyness and modesty, not wanting to draw attention to themselves, and this is an absolute tragedy! For these thoughtful angels are just what we need in this modern climate of border walls, melting ice caps, and Honey Boo Boo. Sure these fishy folk may forever float in a pool of their own emotions, but hey, they are fish, and they sure can swim.


Project Credits


Chris More

Dom Bartolo



Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia


Shan Jiang

Copywriter and Voiceover:

Lara Chan-Baker



Rafael May

3D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs


2D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs

Chris More

Stephen Elliget

Samuel Van Ingen

Marta Tesoro

Juan Chacon-Olier