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Flutterscopes – Taurus

New Years checklist - cute new diary, gym membership, clean sock draw, consulting the stars to clarify your future path... while we can’t rival Marie Kondo for your cleanspiration, we can help you make some sense of what you see in the stars. Introducing Flutterscopes! A brand new self initiated project we conjured up to help demystify the signs of the Zodiac. Enlisting 12 Jacky Winter artists to interpret each sign, we’re working our magic to bring these illustrations to life! Keep your mind’s eye peeled for your horoscope, as we’ll be releasing one of these clairvoyant clips for each of the twelve zodiacs.


Have you ever watched a bullfight? Neither have I. Sounds awful. What I have done, though, is play Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari on my phone. For research purposes only, of course. What I’ve learned is there’s a reason the symbol for Taurus is a bull. Dedicated to the task at hand, reliable, a little moody. Although come to think of it, the animal in the game is actually a buffalo… but the point stands.

Like their bovine counterparts, Taureans may seem rough and tough, but really they’re lovers not fighters. It’s true they can be a little inflexible, digging their heels in until you can’t even remember what you were arguing about. But they don’t hate you – they hate change. Why rush through life when you can stop and smell the flowers? Lie in the sun, chew on some grass, flip through an old Cosmo. It’s not laziness, it’s carefully considered caution. An appreciation for the good old days, the ways things ought to be. As they see it, there’s no use stepping out of your comfort zone when things are plenty good right there. Look before you leap. In fact, maybe just stick to looking. Again, it’s not laziness. Taureans have a recession-proof work ethic, making slow and careful gains while the rest of us fluff around. They just prefer incremental shifts (on their terms), rather than seismic ones. You don’t rush a bull. As Ulysses S. Grant famously put it, “As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” Or maybe that was Lorelei from Gilmore Girls. Either way, two people with typical Taurean persistence. And great hair.

Foresight doesn’t mean frugality, though. Quite the opposite. Ruled by Venus, governor of all things lavish and sensual, Taurus folk make a habit of treating themselves. Actually, it’s more of a lifestyle – a series of calculated investments in their lifelong pursuit of pleasure. They’re all about the physical, be that material possessions or affection. Tangible things they can touch, show off and enjoy. Drawn by the siren song of luxury, they’re prone to the occasional splurge. But only on things that will pay off. After all, investments are all about returns. French bed linens, Spanish wines, Japanese toilets – the best from the world over so they never have to leave home. Lucky for them, their unwavering ability to get to work makes them excellent financially. Plodding steadily towards their goals, armed with ambition, resilience, and a signed copy of The Barefoot Investor. Stability is their number one priority.

When a Taurus sets their sights on something, they commit, 210%. And that’s why we love ‘em. Who among us doesn’t need a dependable, grounding presence in our lives? Sure, at times they might be stubborn and stuck in their ways, but their loyalty, integrity and patience will never disappoint you. That’s just the price you pay for a prize bull.

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Directed by: 

Flutter Films


Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia




Copywriter and Voiceover:

Lara Chan-Baker



Rafael May

3D Animation:

Flutter Films


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Flutter Films