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ILLY – Swear Jar

Final Animation

Swear Jar

Being cold-shouldered by your favourite celebrity is never a fun time—and having experienced it first hand, Illy decided to write a song dedicated entirely to encouraging music artists to get off their high horse and celebrate their fans. To really get the message across, Illy’s record label Warner Music Australia approached the Flutter team to create an official music video that would really help the lyrics sink in.

Needing an artist that packed a punch, we brought on Travis Price to illustrate each stanza as an individual artwork. After receiving Travis’s killer artwork, we diligently timed out the appearance of each word to the audio, applying appropriate scale up ‘pops’ or ‘slides’ to the type – sometimes adding a little something special here and there.

Once the animated typography was completed, we created a digital canvas upon which the artwork was shot. Using a digital camera with a short depth of field, we filmed each of the animated sequences playing out. The result, a series of dynamic typographic lock ups that perfectly dance to the rhythm of the music.

Behind the Scenes

Animation Process

Individual Artwork Examples

Lyric Planning

Vector Artwork Overview

Still from ILLY's Swear Jar

Still from ILLY's Swear Jar

Still from ILLY's Swear Jar

Still from ILLY's Swear Jar

Final Resolve

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo



Sarah Laurens


Travis Price


Animation Producer

Fushia O’Hara


Lead Animator

Stephen Elliget