Finding humour in hindsight

Jacky Winter – ‘8 Easy Steps to Project Perfection’

Final animation

'8 Easy Steps to Project Perfection'

In a freshly devised on-boarding campaign to help new clients learn the ropes, Jacky Winter and Flutter worked together to create ‘8 Easy Steps to Project Perfection,’ which demonstrates eight best practices our clients can follow to ensure a project’s success. Any time a job has gone awry, it’s usually because one of these eight influencing factors, and sometimes they’re not easy to talk about at the time. This video is a way to begin the conversation before it becomes an issue.

We enlisted the illustrative talent of Adam Nickel to provide that vintage advertisement feel, which we supplemented further with grain and flicker effects to mimic the visual quality of a projector.

Our challenge was to take the illustrations provided by Adam and animate them in a light-hearted manner that conveyed those awkward moments between clients and our producers or artists, while also offering a solution. We paid particular attention facial expressions to hone in the point of exasperation from parties of either side. We also devised unique animations for the title frames of each easy step, giving weight to each new title through it’s individual appearance.

And to ensure we had the right voice to suit the tone of the video, we engaged in audio testing with a range of vocal artists to create the perfect retro voice over.

Behind the scenes

Concept sketches

Main character

Illustrator layered


Illustration assets

Title arm patterns

Robot Loop

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo



Jeremy Wortsman


Adam Nickel


Animation Producer

Fushia O’Hara


Stephen Elliget

Chris More

Rosalie Osman

Florian Bailleul

Allana Carnie