Breaking chains

James Squire – Shackles

Final Animation

James Squire - Shackles

Beer drinkers everywhere can break free from their usual drop and celebrate the launch of James Squires’ latest brew; the refreshing Broken Shackles Lager! Flutter worked with Host Havas Sydney for their client, Lion Australia, with the illustrative style lead by Jake Foreman, to unleash the flavour on Australia through animation.

Staying true to the traditional tattoo style aesthetic of the brand, the hero of the new lager, tied down by chains, tightens it’s grip on the bottle and after a refreshing chill, breaks free to reveal the unbeatable (and delicious) craft beer. Enlisting a full posse of artistic experts, we developed the look and feel of the hand from Jake’s illustrations, and made it move with meticulous cell animation, whilst crafting the chains from 3D whilst still giving the illustration of a graphic 2D finish. All topped off with highly polished photorealistic rendering and topped off with a dash of frost and condensation, and you’ve got yourself a delicious looking animation.

We’ll cheers to that!

Behind the Scenes

Keyframe #1

Keyframe #2

Keyframe #3

Keyframe #4

Hand Styles

Sketch Frames 1

Sketch Frames 2

Sketch Frames 3

James Squire, Shackles, Vapour

James Squire, Shackles, Breakdown

Project Credits


Flutter Films


Li Liang Johnson
Clara Marcus
Su Mei Chia


Jake Foreman

3D Animation:

Flutter Films

2D Animation:

Flutter Films