Doing it for the kids

Kennards – Hire For A Higher Purpose

Final TVC

Hire for a Higher Purpose

Kennards decided to find some ‘hope’ among the ‘hopeless’ by donating $2 from every hire towards helping sick and disadvantaged kids. So to get the word out, Bashful Creative Agency called upon Flutter to create this 15″ spot.

We worked to produce a naive stop motion animation, mirroring the toy-like nature of the artwork created by 3D illustrator Thomas Burden. The final result shows characters moving about as if a child was holding them, bobbing them up and down as they walk.

This playful style is not only unique, but it is also symbolic of giving a helping hand towards children’s charity donations.

Behind The Scenes

Early Animation Edit

Final Keyframe

Tom Burden's 3D Artwork

Final Keyframe

Tom Burden's 3D Characters

Hire for a higher purpose

Final frame

3D Imaging Process

Final Keyframe

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo

Animation Producer

Su Mei Chia



Li Liang Johnson


Thomas Burden

3D Animation:

Jason Poley


2D Animation:

Stephen Elliget
Chris More