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Domain – Making A Good Move

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Making A Good Move

Buying a home is tough. It’s a rollercoaster ride of debilitating stress and over-the-moon joy, turning you inside out and upside down all at the same time. Luckily, real estate experts Domain understand these highs and lows of home buying and provide a multitude of tools and tips to help make things easier. As part of a larger rebrand, advertising agency The Works Sydney wanted to spread this message and develop a piece that would build Domain’s business and promote their latest products and services and knew that Flutter were the team to do it.

To create the line illustrations, we brought former ‘Rinzen’ art collective comrades Rilla Alexander and Adrian Clifford back together – because two amazingly talented heads are better than one, right? Together with our stellar production and animation team they produced this charming clip. Rolled out across a Domain microsite, it provides valuable insight into how a bottle of bubbly can help the home buying process along. Tackling a challenging deadline, we created a workflow that leant itself to the timings without sacrificing the creative needs of the piece. There are some animated GIFs in the works too so watch this space for an update soon.

Behind The Scenes

Scamp presentation

Icon illustrations

Door wireframe

House loop

Walk cycles

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo


Sarah Laurens

Bianca Bramham

2D Animation & Compositing

Stephen Elliget

Ash Millott

Tom Cleave

Florian Bailleul

Glenn Hatton

Pete Shand

Domenico Bartolo

3D Animation

Ash Millott