The qualities of a looping gif

Mesa Verde

Final animation

About the project

Possessing the hypnotic qualities of a looping gif, this promo video for über-cool restaurant/bar Mesa Verde has all the hallmarks of a classic animation. It screened on the rooftop of Curtin House with the surging crowds of Swanston Street almost inaudible below and Mexican-inspired food awaiting audiences on the “green tables” below. Jacky Winter’s illustration cowboy Ben Constantine was an inspired choice for this spaghetti-western visual fiesta, and made audiences feel temporarily south-of-the-border. True to Curtin House tradition, the fit-out of Mesa Verde is functional and fashionable, and deserved a film as cracking as a fistful of dynamite.

Behind the scenes

Storyboard sketches

Scene study

Character design sketches

Character modelling

2D to 3D transition

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo


Monica Laskowski


Ben Constantine


Domenico Bartolo

Stephen Elliget

2D Animation & Compositing

Stephen Elliget

3D Animation

Stephen Elliget