Jolly gingerbread men

Microsoft – Christmas Tree

Final Animation

Microsoft Christmas Tree Animation

This is a gingerbread man you can catch – in store at Microsoft!

Using the charming illustrations from Tommy Doyle of gingerbread men and one fantastical Christmas tree, Flutter worked with DT Digital Sydney to produce a magical interactive display for Microsoft’s Sydney CBD location. Customers of the store were encouraged to use a Microsoft Surface to decorate their own gingerbread star, which was then sent on a journey through the Christmas tree to be delivered to Santa at the top.

With so much movement happening all at once, Flutter made their list and checked it twice to ensure that every twist and turn was timed just right.

The film played across the lower half of Microsoft’s 6-meter-tall display, which stretches all the way to the store’s second floor. Visible to customers passing by the store’s entrance, the animation greeted them as they walk in the door.

Behind the scenes

Gingerbread people illustrated in 3D

Character development sketches

Detail of the tree

Initial sketches

Gingerbread train animation

Gingerbread cyclist animation

Gingerbread people concept sketches

The film in store

The animation in action

Gingerbread people sketches

Christmas tree sketches

Gingerbread houses

Illustration for colour exploration

Gingerbread man

Santa's sleigh sketches

Detail of the tree

Final animation still

Detail of the tree

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo

Animation Producer

Su Mei Chia



Lara Chan-Baker


Tommy Doyle

3D Animation:

Ash Millott
Luke Davies
Stephen Elliget
Greg Cooper