Mister Fun

NAB – More Give Mortgages

Final animation

About the project

This happy-go-lucky dude that webuyyourkids created for Flutter to animate for NAB’s “More Give, Less Take” campaign is the sorta guy we wish we knew in real life. He’s got a spring in his step, a twinkle in his beady black eye and the torso of a jellybean. He came to life to characterise NAB’s mortgage package thanks to the team at Clemenger BBDO. Just quietly, he charmed the heck out of Dom Bartolo in the Flutter studio as he worked on the TV commercials. We should all be lucky enough to have a one-hat-fits-all type head.

Behind the scenes

Mr Interesting character sketch

Mr Fun - facial expression study

Coloured character designs

Mr Fun character studies

Mr Fun character study - glasses

Hills pass compilation breakdown

Facial expressions animation

Exclamation animation

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo


Fushia O’Hara




Domenico Bartolo

Stephen Elliget

2D Animation & Compositing

Stephen Elliget

Glenn Hatton

Ash Millott

3D Animation

Stephen Elliget