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Soccer (ahem, football) is the world’s game for a reason. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Madrid, or Mogadishu, soccer is a community cornerstone. And thanks to PARK Social Soccer Co, it can also be a powerful catalyst for social impact.

Producing league quality balls and gear, PARK SSC changes lives both on and off the field. Working directly with their team, we were proud to be tasked with creating an animated piece that would highlight their Pass-A-Ball program – in which every PARK ball purchased sees an identical ball passed to a kid in need somewhere around the world.

With a timespan of ten seconds, the focus was on clearly communicating the direct impact of someone’s purchase — buy a ball, pass a ball, to a kid in need – and to do it in a way that was eye-catching and memorable. Tapping the expert skills of illustrator Carla McRae, we developed a simple yet poignant narrative, showing the ball’s journey across the globe. The ball itself was photographed in-house from various angles and carefully centred in the frame to provide a strong focal point and allow us to play with the perspective of characters and backgrounds.

To date, PARK SSC has reached 23 countries, passed over 7600 balls and impacted 75,000 kids. For us at Flutter, we couldn’t be more honoured to be a small part of their remarkable mission.

Behind the Scenes

Final Keyframe

Keyframe #1

Keyframe #2

Keyframe #3

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Keyframe #6

Sketch storyboard

Stop Motion Ball Animation

Artist Footwork Explorations

Background Characters

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo
Stephen Elliget


Lara Chan Baker
Su Mei Chia


Carla McRae

3D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs


2D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs
Sam Van Ingen
Andrew Onorato
Stephen Elliget