Rock and Roll


Final Animation

About the project

Everyone has a story, and music content website Purifier are no different. Purifier enlisted the team at Flutter to provide would-be members with a succinct – and fun – explanation of their site. Given her approachable style and strong links to the music industry, Hatch artist Steph Hughes was the perfect fit for the illustration component. Steph worked closely with the team at 21-19 to provide an impressive set of assets for the 60 second spot. We feel as if we’ve watched this animation 5 million times, but still, we can’t get enough.

Behind the scenes

Storyboard & Director's Notes

Concept Sketch - Computers

Character Design


Concept Sketch - Globe Water Fill

Work In Progress - Globe Water Fill

Work In Progress - Computer Turntable

Animation Still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo


Julie Schroder


Steph Hughes


Dom Bartolo

Stephen Elliget

2D Animation

Stephen Elliget