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REA Autumn campaign – Millions More Buyers

Final Animation

REA Autumn campaign - Millions More Buyers

On the hunt for a place to call home that you can paint, nail art onto the wall and own a pet with instant permission from the landlord because you ARE the landlord? Chances are you’re one of the millions (that’s right, MILLIONS – 9.3 million to be exact) of people who’ve checked out!

It’s no small feat to be Australia’s #1 address in property, and with that much traffic, it’s the best place to sell your digs and make the dreams come true of a lucky buyer. So what does Australia’s #1 address in property look like? Working with the wonderful team at BWM Dentsu Melbourne, we tackled this very question. Design and directing a modern, fresh and fun house where the action is all happening.

The look and feel of the campaign was inspired by the architectural aesthetic of your highly sought after inner city Australian abode, enhanced with the iconic colour palette of the brand and brought to life with 2D animation and the playfulness of Steve Scott’s characters.

Behind the Scenes

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Project Credits


Flutter Films


Clara Marcus
Li Liang Johnson
Su Mei Chia


Steve Scott

3D Animation:

Flutter Films


2D Animation:

Flutter Films