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Remind Me – Conrad Sewell

Final Animation

Remind Me lyric video

In most pop songs, lyrics often take centre stage; carrying the audience through the story and allowing them to identify with particular themes or messages. One of the biggest anthems of love and loss for 2016 has been Conrad Sewell’s ‘Remind Me’ from his 2015 album All I Know, and to celebrate the beauty of his lyrics, Warner Music Australia approached us to create an animated lyric video that has since amassed over 200k views on YouTube.

The Flutter team conceptualised the idea of the lyrics appearing in a way that resembled a personal journal entry, which ultimately formed the core creative direction for the video. The vulnerability of the lyrics called for an artist with a delicate hand, so we brought on Kat Macleod to create the artwork that we then put into animation. Once Kat developed the typography and journal-style illustrations, we animated them to appear in time with the lyrics. It was important to create an appropriate treatment of Kat’s beautiful handwritten stanza’s: something that in itself had a subtle beauty, but didn’t distract too much from her artwork.

We developed the typographic ink reveal as a global treatment, timing each word’s appearance to the lyrics. Using Adobe After Effects we placed a digital camera above the artwork, creating that beautiful sense of depth and macro photography. We then crafted all the subtle camera movements to help create that languid sense of floating above the musician’s page.

Behind the Scenes

After Effects Project Camera

Still from Remind Me lyric video

Still from Remind Me lyric video

Kat's illustrations before animation

Still from Remind Me lyric video

Still from Remind Me lyric video

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo



Sarah Laurens


Kat Macleod


Animation Producer

Fushia O’Hara


Stephen Elliget

Chris More

Allana Carnie