The internet's hanger problem

Snickers – Hungerithm

Final Animation


You know that feeling when you’re so hungry you get really, irrationally angry? Yeah, same. But imagine if the angrier you got, the cheaper your favourite chocolate bar was. That’s exactly what Snickers have set out to do in their latest campaign: Hungerithm. Using a specially devised anger-gauging algorithm – cleverly coined the Hungerithm – Snickers scans the internet every 10 minutes to determine how angry (and therefor, how hungry) the internet is. The hungrier the internet is, the cheaper Snickers are at your friendly neighbourhood 7eleven.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne approached us to help them develop the campaign for Mars, commissioning Mike Jacobsen to illustrate characters for the 15″ and 60″ animations that have been circling the internet since the campaign’s release. The Flutter team took Mike’s illustrations and gave them life – or, more accurately, varying degrees of anger – to help explain exactly how Snickers fans can capitalise off the increasing hanger pervading the world wide web.

15" animation

15" animation

Behind The Scenes

Character sheet

Final Keyframe

Final Keyframe

Final Keyframe

Snickers bar animation

Final Keyframe

Character Animation

Meteor Animation

Animation development

Final Keyframe

Final Keyframe

From angry to happy

Final Keyframe

Final Keyframe

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo


Li Liang Johnson

Su Mei Chia


Mike Jacobsen

2D Animation:

Stephen Elliget

Chris More

Ash Millott