Lots and lots of plastic bottles


Sodastream Supercut

Are the ailments of the world weighing heavy on your chest? They sure are for Sodastream, who hope to eradicate the consumption of single-use, unsustainable and eco-toxic plastic bottles for those who’re just looking for a bit of bubbles.

Wanting to launch their brand awareness into a broader audience, Flutter produced a suite of 18 (you read it right, eight-teen) short, humorous animations using a combination of photography and the eye-stopping artwork of Sean Morris, alongside JWT Melbourne. The clips were shared across Sodastream’s social media channels to really kick up a fizz about plastic.

With so many animations, we’ve put together a supercut of only the best bits, and shared a few of our faves below.

The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

Surfs Up

Surfs Up

An Arm and A Leg

An Arm and A Leg

Behind the scenes

Character lineup

Bottle-nose dolphins

Keyframe from 'Carrier Owl'

Keyframe from 'Dumb on Repeat'

Photography frames from 'Just One Bottle'

Illustration assets from 'Bill's House'

Photography frames from 'Just One Bottle'

Animation frame from 'Surfs Up'

Keyframe from 'Just One Bottle'

Animal illustration assets

Photoshoot BTS

Keyframe from 'Weekly Headlines'

Keyframe from 'Vending Machine'

Keyframe from 'Supermagic'

Keyframe from 'Pantry Tetris'

Keyframe from 'Shop Cycle'

Keyframe from 'Hulk Arms'

Storyboard Keyframes

Keyframe from 'Naughty List'

Keyframe from 'Festive Sweater'

Keyframe from 'Stream On'

Project Credits


Chris More


Jes Harris
Su Mei Chia


Sean Morris

2D Animation:

Chris More
Brian Neong San
Samuel Van Ingen