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State Insurance

We’re all busy these days! Busy as a bee, busy as a beaver. Busy as a bee battling a beaver. State knows all about busy. How it can lead to mistakes, to missing important points, and glossing over details. That’s why when it came to this project, they wanted to create an animation that was quick, clear and concise. Enough with long and tedious insurance documents that use rambling sentences and and obscure wording. State gets rid of all the complicated stuff, to make insurance clear and simple, and that’s exactly how we approached this project.

Craig and Karl were brought on board as their simple and striking illustration style lends itself perfectly to this project in its ability to convey complex concepts with a relatable and humourous voice. They illustrated an array of keyfames each showing the varying ways in which your schedule fills up on different days throughout the week.

The Flutter team worked with Colenso BBDO to create a 30” hero film, compiled of short animated scenes brought together with simple transitions to convey the narrative, which were then used to create two cutdowns of 6” and 15” animations, furthering the intention of quick and effective communication.

State Insurance



Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo



Clara Marcus

Su Mei Chia


Craig and Karl

3D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs


2D Animation:

Stephen Elliget
Andrew Gibbs
Vivi Feng
Micheal Wilkinson
Sam Van Ingen