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Jelani Cobb

The message of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963 is still relevant today, inspiring generations towards a better future. Honouring his ethos, Jelani Cobb, an award winning American journalist and writer, keeps the ever relevant dialogue alive presenting a powerful speech for the event series held by UNSW Centre For Ideas.

Flutter films and artist Timba Smits had the honour of bringing his message to life in animation, by masterfully combining the use of bold type, illustration, and texture. Each sentence connects deeply with all who hears it, with the paced combination of 2D animation and illustrations strengthening its resonance.

With it brings an added dimension to Jelani Cobb’s message, in which he shares a reminder of the charge Dr. King left for all of us – the creation of a genuine civilisation, and of a truly inclusive society.

Behind the Scenes

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Initial Illustrations

Sketch Storyboard

Animated Illustrations

Project Credits


Flutter Films


Clara Marcus
Su Mei Chia


Timba Smits

2D Animation:

Flutter Films