A Kenyan detective show

Visa – Chip & Pin

Final TVC

Visa Chip & Pin

Visa’s chip and pin technology provides their card users with some seriously next-level security. To share this exciting new feature with Visa customers, the team from BBDO East Africa enlisted the help of the Flutter team and our remarkable artist Lachlan Conn to create the characters “Chip” and “Pin” and animate them in various scenes for a 45-second TV spot.

Paying homage to a popular Kenyan crime series of the 90s, ‘Tahamaki’, these colourful detective characters vigilantly protect the security of people’s cards. While Conn developed the characters and all of the scenes, the rest of the Flutter team worked on a 2D animation strategy that would give Mr and Mrs Chip and Pin the lively energy they needed. Incorporating some inventive techniques, we were able to give the animation a three-dimensional effect, providing an additional level of depth and presence to an otherwise flat, albeit colourful, environment.

Challenges like time difference and cultural disparities were no match for our production team’s thorough research and organisation, and it’s this we have to thank for the way the final clip so brightly and brilliantly captures the everyday environment of East Africa.

Behind The Scenes

Storyboard sequence

Mood-board of reference images

Character development

Character development

Prop development - 2D & 3D

Supermarket turntable animation

2D petrol station reference

Petrol station turntable animation

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Animation still

Project Credits


Domenico Bartolo


Li Liang Johnson


Lachlan Conn

2D Animation & Compositing

Ash Millott

Tom Cleave

Stephen Elliget

3D Animation

Ash Millott

Patrick Da Cunha

Stephen Elliget