A comfy night's sleep

Westin – ThreadForward

Final Animations

ThreadForward TVC

There’s nothing quite like a good nights sleep. The healing properties of a solid snooze help us to grow and learn and have significant effects on our mental health. But not everyone is privileged enough to live in a situation that affords them forty winks. This is a problem Westin Hotels hope to address in partnership with World Sleep Society.

With their ThreadForward campaign, Westin is committed to recycling their torn and damaged bed linen into soft, comfortable pyjamas for children in need. The Flutter team worked with Venables Bell & Partners San Francisco to direct a 2’30” film that walks you through every step of Westin’s plan, using a mixture of 2D and 3D animation.

Just like a dream, each scene is woven together with a clever combination of visual motifs and sweeping transitions. Produced with the sweet, naive illustrations of Rilla Alexander, every frame carries with it a sense of softness, comfort and nurturing – the same sentiments intended by ThreadForward in its ambition to provide children with the perfect slumber.

Behind the scenes

Keyframe from animation

Fabric roll conveyor

Keyframe from animation

Keyframe from animation

BTS screencap

Rilla's character lineup

Planet Cloth

Early animation test

Keyframe from animation

Mountain animation development

Keyframe from animation

Project Credits


Dom Bartolo


Bianca Bramham
Su Mei Chia



Rilla Alexander

3D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs
Stephen Elliget

2D Animation:

Andrew Gibbs
Stephen Elliget
Brian Neong San
Samuel Van Ingen